Tom Williams

Fuze Research

Dr Tom Williams, Fuze Research Director and Founder, has 12 years’ experience working in market research from both client and agency-side, client lead on a number of projects across sectors, including tourism and hospitality, retail, higher education and experience-led brands and FMCG. He has previously been an analyst at MBNA, working as a research-lead in economic and inward investment roles and projects. He is the Executive MBA Director at Chester Business School, University of Chester – teaching research and marketing to senior managers from a number of blue-chips corporate business; where he is able to bring his action-learning to industry along with his published
academic research. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a PhD in market research and branding, from Lancaster University.

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Unlocking SME productivity through market intelligence, innovation and ambition

We want to take a refreshing look at how we think SMEs can unlock their own potential and blow away any productivity barriers! We are passionate about showing how SMEs can tackle the main productivity ‘challenges’, by using market intelligence, being innovative, brave and ambitious; through the successful internationalisation of the UK’s great products and services. This will NOT be an economics lesson; it will be a thought-provoking and engaging look at the key barriers and triggers that can unlock YOUR business’ potential.