Robin Bennett

The Aktuel Translation Group

Robin founded Aktuel Translations in London in 1992, and has since added PTI (specialist patent translation) and Quarto Translation (book translation) to the stable.

The Aktuel Translation Group has grown steadily since to be one of the most respected technical translation agencies in the world and was recognised by the Who's Who of British Business as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Although still involved in The Aktuel Translation Group on a daily basis, Robin also writes books and lectures on Entrepreneurship.

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Translation: conquering markets the nice way

Ensuring that your translation spend is an investment and not a financial burden. Multilingual search engine optimisation, transcreating marketing materials and making use of new machine translation tools (MT) for technical manuals is better, cheaper and faster than ever in the right hands. Understanding how to make them work for you is key to opening up lucrative markets abroad.