Ricardo Carioni, Ignacio Pereyra, Paula Ospina & Felipe Angel

Latin American Trade & Investment Association (LATIA)

Latin American Trade & Investment Association (LATIA)
Ricardo is the Director of the Latin American Trade and Investment Association (LATIA), the only association in the U.K. whose members are the Trade and Investment agencies and Embassies of 19 Latin American countries.
Ricardo is the Deputy Ambassador of Nicaragua to the U.K. and to Ireland. As the key advisor to the Ambassador, he is the chief of staff and heads the political, economic, public affairs and consular sections at the embassy. He is also head of Investment, Trade, Commerce, Cultural and Tourism promotion. Ricardo is the representative of Nicaragua to the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization, the International Coffee Organization and the International Sugar Organization.

(Investment Development Officer, Embassy of Argentina in London)
Ignacio has held several positions in blue-chip multinational companies like Telefonica and Siemens, and small and medium enterprises in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the UK. He has also worked with UK based angel investors to canalise venture capital into Latin American start-ups. As an independent consultant, Ignacio has worked in the internationalisation of several European and Latin American companies and is currently working with the Argentine government to canalise foreign direct investment into the country. He is also co-founder and Executive Director at ConnectARUK, a soft-landing platform for Argentine entrepreneurs looking to expand their business to the UK.
With a background in Telecommunications Engineering, Ignacio obtained his MBA from Imperial College London in 2011.

FELIPE ANGEL (Executive Director ProColombia in the UK) and
PAULA OSPINA (Senior Investment specialist)

Felipe Angel has an important track record in the private sector Colombia, also was a member of the Board Directors of the Convention and Exhibition Centers of Colombia. Previously Manufacturing Manager at the ProColombia Export Vice Presidency and appointed Director of ProColombia's Commercial Office in the United Kingdom in 2015.
Paula Ospina is a government and international relations professional, currently Senior Investment Specialist in ProColombia’s office in London. She has been working with this government agency since 2009 in the International Cooperation and Foreign trade and Investment spheres.

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Business opportunities in Argentina, Colombia and Nicaragua

NICARAGUA: A UNIQUE AND EXCITING BUSINESS DESTINATION IN THE AMERICAS Nicaragua is a rising star in the global market. It has one of the fastest real GDP growth rates in Central America and is the second safest country in all of Latin America. Nicaragua is set to benefit from rapid and sustained economic growth in the years to come, growth it has encourages with the passage of several laws specifically designed to attract and protect foreign investors. The country has been experiencing unprecedented growth in many sectors, such as textiles, services, tourism and agribusiness. The government recognizes the value of foreign investment in furthering the country’s socioeconomic growth, and therefore offers many incentives to invest in Nicaragua.

ARGENTINA’S REINSERTION TO THE WORLD Argentina’s current pro market administration has evidenced an increase in support from all sectors of society during October midterm elections, consolidating its position to press ahead with the structural changes the country needs. This unprecedented support for a non-populist government in Argentina will give investors the long term vision and certainty needed to catalyse the countless opportunities the country has to offer.

FDI OPPORTUNITIES IN A BIGGER COLOMBIA THANKS TO THE PEACE AGREEMENT Colombia has performed steadily over the past years as an attractive and top FDI destination in Latin-American due to its macroeconomic performance and regional development. Recently, thanks to the peace agreement, new territories are open for investment, development and productive growth and transformation. Opportunities in various fields both in the developed Colombia and the new territorial and rural areas are enormous for companies to set operations and take advantage of tax benefits the government offers.