Paola Leites de Moraes and Fiorella Bafundo

Uruguay XXI

Paola Leites de Moraes is an Economist and Project Manager at Uruguay XXI. She has a vast experience in foreign trade, international business and attraction of foreign direct investment. She has been working in Uruguay’s Investment Promotion Agency for six years, advising foreign investors who are evaluating where to invest as those who have been operating in Uruguay for a long time. She has also worked for three years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay and at the UNCTAD/WTC International Trade Centre.

Fiorella Bafundo is Business Services Specialist in the Global Services Program of Uruguay XXI, the national trade and investment promotion agency. She works as a business developer providing services to support the country’s strategy to attract regional headquarters, business and/or distribution centers, IT, pharma & life sciences, and architecture & engineering operations. She has worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank on Latin America’s trade development for the last six years. Fiorella has an Msc in Economics and Finance for Development from the University of Bradford, U.K., and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the Universidad de la República, Uruguay, and North Central College, Illinois, USA.

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Uruguay, the perfect springboard into Latin America’s market

Uruguay’s strategic location in Latin America the perfect springboard to the regional market—with access to 400 million of some of the most lucrative consumer markets. The most stable country in the region fosters a favouring environment for investment with business friendly regulations, outstanding tax incentives, high-skilled workers, and the most advanced ICT infrastructure of the region. Get to know more about how Uruguay has become the ideal destination for regional hubs, where companies centralize their commercial, IT, administrative, and logistics operations for the Americas. KATOEN NATIE, BASF, VERIFONE, TRAFIGURA, SONY, UPM, FINNING CAT, PEPSICO, ENEL, ROCHE, SKF, DANONE, RENAULT, NETSUITE are some of the examples of companies that have chosen the country.