Neo (Xiaoning) Kong

Customs Clearance Ltd

Neo Kong, MA, Chartered PR
Director of Business Development, CCL (Customs Clearance Ltd)

A young and ambitious professional, Neo entered the customs compliance and logistics industry five years ago, on completion of his full-time education. Within a structured CPD (continuous professional development) program and with his employer’s support, he participates regularly in conferences and training events across Asia, Europe and North America. His role involves managing logistics projects involving global blue chip companies such as Alibaba, DHL and Royal Mail. Neo’s team helps to train China’s Customs Officials as part of the Chinese government’s study and research program. He also chairs the executive board of Reach Express Network.

Neo holds a Bachelor degree in International Accounting and a Masters in Strategic Communications. He was recently awarded Chartered PR status by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. His professional network embraces logistics, customs, finance, media and PR.

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