Mr Ray Walker

IF Workforce Group

With over 18 years’ experience of creating and delivering global payroll and employment solutions for contingent labour, Ray is well positioned to advise on the ever-changing rules associated with engaging cross-border talent. Throughout his career he has worked with some of the largest worldwide corporations in the finance, energy, telecommunications and pharmaceutical, sectors to name but a few. His tenure at IF Workforce Group has seen him create entities in 6 European countries whilst supporting contingent workers in an additional 25 global locations.

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International Expansion – my war stories…….

Real experiences from a number of international forays!. Sharing the highs and lows, recognising and negotiating the hurdles whilst spotting and benefitting from the opportunities. Rapid deployment options and workforce, talent attraction and retention, the benefits of a contingent workforce, culture and political considerations will all feature in a lively presentation.

Mr Ray Walker will be speaking in the following theatres: