Juliette Foster

The European

Juliette Foster is a television and radio journalist with a background in news and current affairs. She has worked as an anchor and reporter for some of the world’s leading media organisations including Channel 4 Television, Bloomberg Television, BBC News Channel, BBC World Service Television & Sky News. Now working as a freelance journalist, Juliette is an experienced public speaker, conference facilitator, broadcaster and newspaper reviewer. In 2002 Juliette’s achievements were formally recognised by the banking giant HSBC and The European Federation of Black Women Business Owners, which honoured her with a professional award in recognition of her accomplishments.

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Embracing the digital age, whilst staying loyal to your roots

uliette will be exploring the rise of The European magazine, one of the UK's leading business publications. Founded by entrepreneurs Janos Nieddu and Charlie isitt ,The European's reputation for excellence is based on its in-depth executive profiles and extensive coverage of Foreign Direct Investment, making it the go to publication for discerning CEOs. From respected print magazine to a key media platform covering a vast range of digital formats, The European works with some of the world's biggest inward investment agencies.

Juliette Foster will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 12 - Wednesday 14.45 - 15.15: Embracing the digital age, whilst staying loyal to your roots