Johanna Mager & Karry Schwettmann

Expansion Intelligence

You are thinking that scaling your business to Germany is a great idea and will bring it to the next level? One thing is for sure, the opportunities and chances are vast but entering new markets is a challenge.

In this 30 min work session, Johanna and Karry, Founders of, both with years of experience in helping companies expand cross border successfully, will give an introduction to the relevant tools and will share all ins and outs to entering the German market, shedding light on the following questions:

● Which countries should we expand into?
● Which market is the best one to enter first?
● Do we have the time and budget to roll out sequentially or is it better to roll out in more than one country at the same?
● What are the key metrics I need to research to assess the potential of a new market accurately?
● How do I make sure I don’t miss out on any important market information?
● How does my target group look like?
● How to assess competitors and market trends?
● What typical pitfalls await you?

Johanna and Karry bring along more than 12 years of professional experience in international marketing, sales and business development and co-founded in 2018, headquartered in Berlin.

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Kickstart your business in Germany - How Expansion Intelligence fuels your international rollout plan The short answer is: Expansion Intelligence helps you save a lot of time and resources, make better decisions faster and increase the odds of expansion success.

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