Iain Gunn

PIB Insurance Brokers

Iain has over 35 years’ experience as a trade credit insurance broker, helping protect businesses from SME’s through global corporates to banks and financial institutions. Policy structures range from traditional whole turnover, to principal customer and single situation, placed with specialist insurers in both the company market and Lloyd’s of London.

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Reducing Risk in export sales

Whilst an exporter may cover the physical risk of loss or damage of the goods and may protect their staff against illness or even kidnap overseas, many ignore the risk of non-payment, preferring either to limit their opportunity with secure payment terms or trade unprotected. Trade Credit Insurance allows them to assess and monitor buyer risk to focus sales on customers who can and will pay, provide local professional collection services to assist with delinquent payers, and insure up to 90% of the loss if payment isn’t received. Pro-active support to enable profitable business growth.