His Excellency Mr. Marwan Al Sarkal

Sharjah Investment & Development Authority (Shurooq)

His Excellency Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, is the CEO of the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority – Shurooq.

H.E. is distinguished for his exceptional leadership style as an excellent motivator whose friendly working environment encourages its employees to create, innovate, and openly express their ideas. H.E. is an active protagonist in creating opportunities for talented Emiratis who represent almost 40% of Shurooq, performing various roles across executive and management positions.

Besides Shurooq, H.E. is a Board Member of the Sharjah Football Club, Patron of Design Days Dubai, Chairman of the Sharjah Chapter of German-Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce, Trustee of the Emirati-Swiss Friendship Forum, and Deputy Head of Knowledge Without Borders.

H.E. is also a Member of the Sharjah Tourism Advisory Committee, and serves on the Board of Governors of Skyline University College, and is a member of several UAE Ministry of Economy joint councils with other countries.

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Invest in Sharjah: The Industrial Capital of the Emirates

The Seminar will introduce Sharjah, one of the 7 Emirates comprising the UAE, and promote investment opportunities within it. Sharjah leads the UAE’s manufacturing sector (30%), as well as environmental efforts through Bee’ah. There are also many growth opportunities within Shurooq’s areas of expertise, namely: Healthcare, Education, Tourism, and Logistics. Sharjah is also strategically located in the UAE as the only Emirate that shares a border with all the other Emirates (longest border with Dubai), as well as being the only Emirate with seaports on both the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.