Felipe Angel and Paula Ospina


Felipe Angel has an important track record in the private sector Colombia, also was a member of the Board Directors of the Convention and Exhibition Centers of Colombia. Previously Manufacturing Manager at the ProColombia Export Vice Presidency and appointed Director of ProColombia''s Commercial Office in the United Kingdom in 2015.

Paula Ospina is a government and international relations professional, currently Senior Investment Specialist in ProColombia’s office in London. She has been working with this government agency since 2009 in the International Cooperation and Foreign trade and Investment spheres.

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FDI Opportunities in a bigger Colombia thanks to the peace agreement

Colombia has performed steadily over the past years as an attractive and top FDI destination in Latin-American due to its macroeconomic performance and regional development. Recently, thanks to the peace agreement, new territories are open for investment, development and productive growth and transformation. Opportunities in various fields both in the developed Colombia and the new territorial and rural areas are enormous for companies to set operations and take advantage of tax benefits the government offers.