Emil Stickland

Founding Member of Ecommerce Action Scotland & CEO of Thrive Digital

Emil Stickland is the CEO of Thrive Digital, an ecommerce consultancy specialising in internationalisation. Emil is one of the most shared authors on Ecommerce Nation, Europe’s largest ecommerce blog. He is the ecommerce expert for Open to Export, a UK Government funded portal encouraging companies to engage in international export. He is also a judge for the Open to Export award.

Emil is a founding member of Ecommerce Action Scotland, a Scottish government advisory board with the aim of increasing awareness and providing access to resources, within Scotland. This initiative (with the backing of 30+ ecommerce related companies) is spearheading the first Institute of Ecommerce for the UK.

Emil is an accomplished public speaker, he has spoken at a number of conferences and expos, including Business in Parliament, Going Global, The Scotsman Conferences, The Scottish Business Expo and BIOS.

Emil is also involved in encouraging small business to adopt ecommerce as a method of export. He runs workshops, and has previously been a judge, for the ScottishEDGE award.

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