Dr Michael Gasiorek


Michael is one of InterAnalysis's Managing Directors and co-founders. His company, InterAnalysis, specialises in the analysis of trade and trade policy within a range of sectors, markets, and countries and he has helped to design a smart and simple trade and trade policy analysis tool, TradeSift TM.

Michael has vast experience in supporting international organisations and governments with their trade and trade policy agreements and frequently delivers training courses that look to educate on trade and trade policy analysis. Michael and his colleagues share over 100 years' experience in various areas of trade.

Michael is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex in the Department of Economics and has many years of experience in the design and management of international research programmes, collaboration with government officials and key international organisations. Michae''s research focuses on trade & regional integration, development and poverty.

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Analysing Brexit on trade and identifying export market potential

Brexit will undoubtedly play a significant role for UK businesses looking to either import or export. However, with little certainty on the economic impact of Brexit on specific sectors, it can be difficult to know what life outside the EU could look like. This seminar concentrates on showing you how to use freely available international trade and tariff data to understand the potential impacts Brexit may have within the trade sector. We will show how you can use this data to identify your export market potential and to recognise which countries are your growing competitors.