Dr Akanimo Odon

Africa Market Strategist and Regional Adviser for Africa

DR Odon is CEO of Envirofly Consulting UK Limited and an international business strategy expert with a specialization in knowledge transfer and business development models for the African market. He was Adviser and Consultant to the British Government, British Council, BG Group, European Regional Development Fund, City and Guilds and Africa Strategy Adviser to Lancaster University, Aberystwyth University, University of London and a host of others. With a doctorate in Environmental Management from Lancaster University, enterprise certifications and fellowships from Cambridge University and Stanford University Business School, he advises on business sustainability in Africa, with coverage in over 30 countries.

In Africa, he has been an Adviser and Consultant to Lagos State Government, African Development Bank, Africa Centre for Technology Studies Kenya, Trust Africa Senegal, Africa Centre for Energy Policy Ghana, Nigerian Centre for Energy and Environment of the Energy Commission of Nigeria Under the Presidency, and the National Economic Empowerment Council Tanzanian Prime Minister.

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Why is the African market fast becoming the preferred investment destination – Strategic insights, challenges and opportunities

According to The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013 put together by the World Economic Forum, The World Bank, The African Development Bank and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, there is a growing international attention focused on Africa as an investment destination and mounting talk of an African economic renaissance. The report emphasized the enthusiasm in global players driven by ten years of increased strong growth in Africa amidst the global economic crises that other continents of the world have faced. With over a billion people and averaging growth rates of over 5 percent in the last decade, it is a business destination of immense potentials. Across different sectors, Africa provides a market for extensive business growth and development especially for overseas companies – whether big companies, organizations or SMEs.