David Slinger

Synergy in Trade Ltd

David`s background in trade finance started with his time at HSBC Bank where during his career he enjoyed operational roles in managing international trade branches & progressed to a sales role advising & constructing trade finance deals. In 2006 he left HSBC & using his vast experience & knowledge formed Synergy with his business partner Cassandra McAlpine who had similar roles at ANZ Bank, Sydney.

Synergy has since grown & become a trade finance company assisting & supporting businesses who require import or export trade finance. Leaning more towards exports Synergy understands the risks attached to trading internationally & have vast knowledge & experience in the use of export letters of credit – a method very commonly used in Africa. David has visited Ghana many times assisting with & securing a contract with the Ministry of Education, Accra on behalf of a UK based client supplying educational equipment, installation and training.

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After all the hard work in getting the sale, have you considered how & when you will get paid for supplying the products? After all a sale is only a gift until you get paid. We will explore the different methods of how to trade internationally. The risk ladder & the pitfalls & what to look out for. How to get trade finance & the options available.