Clementina Aina

Elyon Schools Peer Exchange Limited

Clementina is the founder and Director of Schools Peer Exchange. An accredited Ofsted inspector with a wealth of experience of conducting inspections of independent, mainstream and special schools in the UK and UAE.

Her extensive experience as a teacher, school leader, inspector, performance management consultant, local authority school progress advisor and quality assurer enables her to challenge schools’ performance, strengthen leadership capacity and steer schools’ continual pursuit of excellence.

Her vision is to ensure that every child has access to world class education regardless of their ability, race or background.

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Empowering children to be confident 21st century learners

The seminar will explore a range of strategies and learning approaches that has been successfully implemented in British schools to develop pupils increased accountability for their own learning. It will challenge school leaders to reflect on their current practice and explore whether some of the strategies could be implemented within their school context.