Charlie McGhee


Charlie McGhee is the CEO and co-founder of ContentNetwork, an agency dedicated to helping clients big and small publish more content, in more languages, more often. Before founding the agency, Charlie spent 12 years working in online software solutions, culminating in the creation of ContentNetwork’s very own Interactive Content Editing (ICE) software.

ICE is a secure cloud based platform that enables users to access a trusted network of over 500 providers to streamline content writing, translation and delivery across multiple digital channels.

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Translating Online Channels For Foreign Audiences

Going global means translating your message for foreign audiences. In this seminar we’ll show you how ContentNetwork can quickly connect you with a trusted network of over 500 content writers from all over the world. Talented native speakers, able to produce engaging content in over 30 languages as and when your business needs it. All via one interface, on time and on budget.