Chantelle Rowe

XDS Solutions Ltd

Chantelle Rowe is joint Managing Director of XDS Solutions, a provider of conformity assessment programmes created to remove the headache of export compliance. She helps clients from a wide range of industries, from start-up businesses to blue-chip multinationals.

Managing every step of the export compliance journey; including the mandatory certificates required for customs clearance to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. By listening carefully, Chantelle and her team create bespoke export compliance programmes for clients.

The result? Hassle-free exports into The Middle East and Africa, and an export programme capable of responding fast to the changing needs of business.

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The Middle East. How to Avoid Customs Blacklisting

In order to clear customs your shipments will need a mandatory certificate of conformity. Without this certificate you run the risk of costly fines, shipment delays, or your company being blacklisted at customs. This seminar will give you a jargon-free guide to export conformity, a realistic look at the potential challenges you may face and detail what’s needed if your business is to ace export into The Middle East.