Brian Dakers

North East England Chamber of Commerce

Responsibility for maintenance and development of the services that the North East Chamber of Commerce delivers to businesses trading overseas. Including over 600 customers, from sole traders to multi-nationals.

Primarily focused on businesses shipping physical product, in most cases to more exotic destinations, with particular emphasis on the operational elements involved in transactions. All the boring bits no one likes, essentially, such as export documentation, customs procedures, payment methods and improving business processes within export departments.

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Brexit Toolkit – Assess the impact on your business

Brexit presents a great opportunity for UK businesses to thrive international. Brian Dakers, International Trade Manager at the North East England Chamber of Commerce, will discuss the opportunities and potential impact of Brexit on your business. With the United Kingdom expected to leave the Customs Union, Brian will demonstrate how to calculate the potential tax and duty costs of raw material and component imports, and potential tariffs on European sales, using a simple online tool. In addition, what are the likely post-Brexit regulation changes, procedural changes and available customs regimes to minimise the impact.