Bolaji Sofoluwe

Enterprise, Training & Knowledge Group (ETK Group)

With sixteen years of expertise and experience in Africa and the UK, Bolaji has a proven track record of strategically positioning businesses—from start-ups to established corporates—to thrive within complex African markets. Her focus has been helping companies overcome the unique challenges of the business landscape in Africa while developing mutually beneficial relationships.

In over ten years as a management consultant, she has worked with over 400 businesses, covering Aviation, Financial Services, IT, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Beauty and Fashion sectors. As co-founder of the Enterprise, Training & Knowledge Group, Bolaji has led ETK’s consultants in connecting global companies in 11 African countries to date.

Her previous jobs include working for the Central Bank of Nigeria, Halifax Bank of Scotland and The Business Factory Management Consultancy. Bolaji is an engaging conference speaker, a business mentor with a B.A in Languages and Linguistics. She is also fluent in French.

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