Oxford Intelligence

With world-class research and data-based solutions, Oxford Intelligence helps public and private sector clients make and implement informed decisions to facilitate overseas business development and to meet foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade promotion needs.

Oxford Intelligence is a UK-based business consultancy that specialises in identifying, tracking and supplying data on global FDI projects across all industry sectors.

What sets our data apart is the dedication of our team of analysts in deploying both classic and cutting edge research techniques to find unpublicised projects to complete our comprehensive database. Our Lead Generation team is able to deliver targeted, high-quality solutions to assist clients worldwide to nurture and win investment projects.

Our services focus on six key areas:

Global Investor Watch - a comprehensive online FDI news and data analytics service (www.globalinvestorwatch.com)
Data Services
Lead Generation
Research Reports
Corporate Location Advisory

Oxford Intelligence joined Ecorys UK in 2012 to create a new and enhanced business structure, incorporating Ecorys`s 80 years of upstream economic development and location strategy experience.

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