Post-Brexit UK - US Trade Deal

In a post-brexit world, a trade deal with the US is a key issue for the UK. Many feel that with the USA being the biggest trade partner behind the EU and the single largest single trade partner for Britain, developing a strong working relationship with them is crucial. However, what the will mean for the UK is still up in the air, and others would prefer that the government focus instead on retaining a close trade relationship with the EU rather than look to North America. 

Some of the reasons that there is hesitation about the benefits of a UK-US trade deal is that every benefit seems to come with a question attached. What will the NHS look like under a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)? Would a trade deal mean privatizing the National Health Service? Another point of contention comes with food regulations such as chlorine and hormones used in chicken and beef, which is banned in the UK but allowed in the USA, and the approval of GM crops. While there is a small presence of GM foods in Europe it is much higher in the USA and the speed of approval much quicker. 

Ultimately, the UK remains aligned with the EU for the time being, but what will happen once the spit becomes a reality?

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