Invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina - your new opportunity!

Bosnia and Herzegovina represents an excellent location for investment because of its good geographical location (the heart of Europe), economic tradition, quality labour force, favourable tax system (VAT -17%, CIT- 10 %, personal income tax-10%), insufficiently used natural resources and potentials, natural beauties and wonderful hospitality of Bosnian people. Other factors working in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s favour include available industrial zones and low-cost manufacturing facilities. There is also less regulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in comparison to the EU, creating another advantage for investors. With the purpose of facilitating trade and creating a favourable business environment for domestic and foreign investments, Bosnia and Herzegovina concluded a certain number of bilateral/multilateral free trade agreements. That means, As a result, starting a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina means the opportunity of exporting to a market of app. 900 million people without paying any customs duties!

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot of investment potentials and offers huge opportunities for investing in attractive sectors starting from the automotive industry, metal processing, agriculture, construction, ICT, energy, banking and tourism sector. Each sector has a long tradition and reaches back into history.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, potential investors are provided with a range of support services by the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA) that will contribute to the success and excellence of their business activities.

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