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VitalBlinks® is a business decision-making board game for MBA students, professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to build, challenge or enhance their decision-making skills. The game explores economic game theories and their applications in real-world crisis management scenarios.

VitalBlinks® is designed to be played in teams with each team reacting to post-market surveillance activities. Teams will choose regions of the world they would like to do business and the specific industry type they would like to engage in [Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biologics orFood].

Players will learn the architecture of regulated industries [Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biologics or Food] and the strategic roles that various economic environments play in the overall success of a business. The game specifically explores the roles of ContractLaw, Patent Law, Regulations of Medicinal products, Mergers and acquisitions, and Financial Instruments in shaping decision outcomes.

The VitalBlinks® experience is innovative and is an exceptional teaching tool for strategic problem solving through the application of quantitative and behavioral methods. Players learn how to combine intellectual ideals with the realities of human and organizational behavior. Simply put, the game design fosters decision-making skills by presenting opportunities for isolating optimal choices from many different decision alternatives.

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