Exhibiting at the Going Global Live

Base Europe

Contingency planning for trading in Europe, including Brexit and relocation.

Base Europe assists:

1. Entrepreneurs exploring where best to locate their operations, identify partners or develop trading opportunities
2. Investors and financiers in channelling their funds
3. Property developers to attract customers and expand their portfolio
4. Civic leaders and planners seeking fresh ideas to make their locations more attractive to entrepreneurs and investors
5. Entrepreneurs, investors, property developers, civic leaders, governments, academics and researchers seeking to contingency planning for the changes taking place in Europe (including Brexit)

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Base Europe was established by i-genius Limited.

i-genius promotes entrepreneurship and social innovation worldwide. With a network spanning almost every country in the world, i-genius supports the development of social entrepreneurship, social businesses and the wider social economy. i-genius began trading in 2008 and is based in London and Dublin (i-genius Europe).

i-genius has worked on projects in around 40 countries in partnership with organisations as diverse as the European Union, OECD, Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT), Royal Mail, CWEIC, British Council, Channel 4, and its effectiveness is recommended by BBC The World Challenge. i-genius is co-founder of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces which includes its annual Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit with partners (and award winners) including: World Bank, FIESC/SESI, GSK, Unilever, IBM, Shell, Xerox, Aetna, American University, Cigna, Optum, and Aetna.

For the Going Global exhibition i-genius is displaying two of its programmes; Base Europe and an European Union Advisory Service*.

*European Union Advisory Service provides tailored support to businesses and NGOs (including colleges and SMEs) to help make smart and important decisions in response to changes taking place in the EU including preparation for Brexit.



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