Exhibiting at the Going Global Live is the partner to expanding businesses that seek to enter the German market. Because the potential for growth in Germany is huge but demands good consideration, gives hands-on answers to all relevant questions along the entire entry journey: from an in-depth understanding of the market through research to an entrepreneurial launch of the solution. The premise: entry projects need to be viable, financeable and add future-proof value to all stakeholders. Saying „no` to projects means believing in the success of the few.

We help you succeed in the German market throughout the following four steps:

Our approach to market validation is hands-on and multi-dimensional.
We tackle the market from different perspectives to get to its core. We
• - conduct market analysis online and offline
• - explore the competitive landscape and its dynamics
• - deploy scouts in the market to add further granular insight
• - hunt for insights locally and offline

If you think it`s a good idea to go to a new market then chances are you are right.
We make sure this is a fact, not only a chance. We
• - remove assumptions from proposed expansion plan
• - validate preferred propositions
• - develop a business case
• - outline the right partners for sales and logistics
• - uncover the competitive landscape and market white spots

- Market and business are ready to expand into the new market.
We prepare the business venture for market launch and realize agreements with all highlighted parties.
• - prepare the business venture
• - realize agreements with all highlighted parties
• - set KPI`s and milestones,
• - confirm go-to-market routes
• - develop marketing communications

Once the business is launched to the new market further assumptions are being captured to pivot where necessary until required targets are being met. We
• - launch and manage the business
• - further test assumptions to align strategy
• - assess most effective routes for purpose and profitability
• - ensure customer and partner acceptance and eradicate assumptions
• - advise on viability and scalability of the business in the new market

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