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Cross Border Partners Advisory Services

Market entry and international trade advisory services for global business expansion. At Cross Border Partners Advisory Services (CBP), our experienced trade professionals assist your business to accelerate revenue growth while reducing market entry risks. Let us demonstrate how your business can increase revenues significantly; often achieving 50% or more of its revenues from international markets in just a few years, not decades. Through the development of customized market entry plans, our team identifies effective market entry strategies, optimized legal and taxation structures, new channels of distribution, applicable trade agreements, economic development incentives and other issues in order to maximize the return on your international investments.

CBP offers the following services:

- International Trade Advisory Services
- Global Market Entry Support
- Market Expertise: United States, Canada, The Americas, South America, Europe and Asian Regions
- Sales Channel ID: Strategic Alliances, Distributors, JVs, Licensing
- Market Research
- Global Regulatory Compliance
- Professional Services (Tax, Legal, Customs) via affiliated providers
- Managed Services (In-Country Representative Office and Outsourcing)
- Supply Chain Management Consulting
- Workforce Training

Cross Border Partners is your Global Advantage® to successfully navigate the complexities of international markets and global business expansion. Contact Us Today!

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