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2ndBase Inc

We're a company that helps the world's top tech companies expand into emerging markets.

We've done this successfully before and will help you do the same. You're looking to expand into fast growing, mobile optimised emerging markets but not sure how, or what to do next.

Instead of hiring a team that needs to go to each country; see if your product works or is a fit; having to go and discover how things work locally, or even having locals take you for a ride. Get a team that`s been there and knows how things work.

We offer expertise in Asia, Africa and LATAM markets for execution, commercialization, expansion and research.

We bring local knowledge, relevant introductions and extensive business experience to your expansion plans.

We`ll make direct and personal introductions to relevant C-level executives.

We have proven and transparent processes that will accelerate your path to expansion. All members of our team have been involved in growing multimillion-dollar businesses across emerging market continents.

We`re a bunch of seasoned executives with wide-ranging relevant expertise.

Our solutions are country-specific solutions and we help you find personalised and relevant opportunities.

As entrepreneurs, we know how to hustle and will help with every step you`re going to need with localized growth hacking, marketing, communication and expansion.

This is where we come in.

We`ve done it before, know the lay of the land and will give you the advantage you need to be successful.

We`ll get you to 2ndBase.

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